Is Cheese Healthy? The Great Debate!

Most people, when I ask them their favorite food, they’ll say cheese! So I may be asking the most important question ever when I ask, “Is cheese healthy?”

Doing HIIT with Weights (Is It Too Crazy for the Average Person)?

So you’re always hearing about new challenging workouts that promise to burn fat better. My recommendation? Doing HIIT WITH weights! Now, my feeling has always been that cardio and weights are BOTH great in their own way. Especially when you consider that cardio often involves shifting and lifting your own weight… And that the vice-versa […]

How to Motivate Yourself to Work…or Do ANYTHING!

So I watched this YouTube video by a woman who goes by “Lefie.” She does LIFESTYLE videos but super interesting ones. And the one I saw recently on how to MOTIVATE yourself to work was so mind blowing…I just had to share! “Self-Discipline with Minimal Effort”! Now, of course I — like most people […]

The Cold Hard Science of Why You Should “Think Positive”!

We’re always told to “think positive,” to the point it sounds like just another cliche. But please, for your own sake, DON’T ignore that advice!! It turns out, not only should you fill your brain with positive thoughts and imaginings…but I found out something so COOL, I wanted to spend a blog post telling you […]