So, I’ve KINDA been a fitness instructor since I was just a girl, (which was NOT that long ago, I might add) and it’s something that I absolutely LOVE. This has taken me pretty far in life.

Being a fitness instructor and a fitness professional is a wonderful platform to help people get in shape, which happens to be one of my passions and if you’re visiting this site, that may be true for you as well. Being in this industry has brought me fulfillment, freedom, friends, and allowed me to EMPOWER people: women specifically – which is ALL so important to me.

You may be able to relate, in that, not all of those days were sunshine and rainbows.

Unfortunately, teaching fitness classes alone doesn’t necessarily pay the bills and you might find yourself wondering how you can continue doing what you love, and still earning the kind of living you need. I’ve seen this happen to so many of us – many gifted and talented instructors and personal trainers, give up in this trade, just because it didn’t promise the future they desired. And let’s face it, WE NEED TO EARN A LIVING.

I want to tell you today, if you’re in that position, DON’T GIVE UP!!! You have SUCH an important job in this world. People’s health is THE most valuable thing on the PLANET, and you have the ability to change SO MANY people’s lives!!!

About a decade ago, I was presented with an even BIGGER platform to help people AND enhance my fitness career that was an absolute game changer for me. It started off as something that was just an extra income builder, but has turned into a huge part of my livelihood, ALL while staying true to my passions of helping people with their health and fitness goals.

Where are all of my fitness professionals??! Or maybe you’re not a fitness professional, but just crazy about health and fitness.

If any of this sounds like you, make sure to tell me a little bit about yourself below!